About Roxanne

I remember when I first went to California with the idea of launching my surf blog. Surf blog? I didn’t even know a single thing about surfing except what I could find online to teach me. I was terrible in the water, had no clue what kind of board I should ride either what kind of waves. I was unaware of lot of things, I must admit, but I had this passion for the ocean that was constantly torturing my mind.

Surprisingly, people I encountered along the way believed in me and my project. That’s what I want Nouvelle Vague to be about: giving people a chance to express themselves. To create, to live, to try new things, but more especially, to get out of their comfort zone.

It would be interesting to give myself a title when I am still chasing dreams and acting with impulses. I may be a writer, or I may not. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I am passionate about people and the world, and even though I am originally from a small town where salt water isn’t even near, I need the sea.

When I am not working on Nouvelle Vague, you can find me in the nearest coffee shop, planning my next adventure to the West or to the ocean.

Nouvelle Vague isn’t about me; it’s about us.

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