Release December 2017. 

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Our themes are Culture, Surf and Travel.

We aren’t interested in placenames or fancy hotels. People make culture, surf and travel possible. So what impact did your journey or experiences have on you? At Nouvelle Vague, we accept real stories about real people; people diving headfirst into those honest moments.

Remember that you are the subject and destinations are just details. 


Please submit properly sourced, original work only—that hasn’t been previously published elsewhere.


Use ‘Submission – Title of your submission – Your name’ in the subject line of the email



Submissions should be between 300 and 2000 words in length, but can be longer depending on the subject.

All submissions need to be accompanied by no more than 10 images.

Please send your submissions to in a Word document.

Submissions should be about one of the 6 destinations mentioned earlier. 



We accept images that focus on anywhere in the world. 

Please send your images via WeTransfer to 

All images should be under 2MB and 2000px on the long side.

The editor may ask for higher resolution images if necessary.



All submission will be reviewed by our editorial team. 

If you only want to submit for the online magazine, visit this page.

Still want to join our print magazine? 

Email us.



Deadline: April 16th


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