We started Nouvelle Vague as an online magazine, however, having our own print magazine has always been a dream of ours. After refining our style and observing the different aspects a magazine needs to thrive, we’ve decided that now is the right time. In The Annual 2017, we’re taking you on an adventure from Eastern Canada to Western Canada, through California, South Africa and Australia.

Our magazine consists of real stories about real people; people diving head first into honest moments. For us, people are the subjects and destinations are just details. 

Nouvelle Vague is 144 pages of surf stories, adventure essays, interviews, portraits and beautiful images. It will feature stories and photography from individuals that believe that passion comes first, including Jakob Gjerluff, Antonio Lennert of Surf the GreatsTim KothlowCatherine BernierTyler WalkerBryanna BradleyJosh WoollettAlexandra Côté-Durrer, and more! 

We want our annual magazine to become your escape as well as a daily reminder that the world is just waiting to be explored. Our main goal is to create a magazine that feels like a book: a piece of art that you never want to let go.

Available for pre-order in November 2017
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Cover Photo: Hugo Filipe Silva

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