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About Lydia

Lydia has always been a fish at sea. Growing up in Quebec, she hated winter because she couldn't go in the water. As spring arrived she was so excited to jump in the pool that she would try to break the ice on top to make it melt faster. She was the first one to jump in the water, and the last one to get out. She wasn't afraid of cold water! On top of her love for the water, she has a passion for travelling and learning new things, which made her the ideal learner for surfing! The first time she stood up on a board was in Costa Rica in 2014, and at this single moment, she knew. That was it. That is what she wanted to do.

No one is surprised that she now lives next to the ocean, getting in the water almost every day, summer or winter, rain or shine. She made Tofino her home, and the ocean is her backyard. She is dedicated to improving at surfing, and takes notes from the more experienced surfers. In the last year she has pushed herself by participating in surf competitions such as the Rip Curl Canadian Surfing Championships, Queen of the Peak, and Cleanwater Classic. Lydia has also discovered a new passion; teaching. As a surf instructor for Surf Sister, she is able to share her passion with everyone, and she does it with all her heart. Keep an eye out for her in the water in Tofino, she will probably be on her longboard riding party waves with her friends or teaching a surf lesson.