About Kalen

Originally from a mountain town in the landlocked state of New Mexico, Kalen Sutherland is a nomad at heart with a passion for travel. Before moving far from home, he traveled around the world with his mother on a pretty strict budget. They did everything you can think of. From backpacking to bicycle tour, always as cheaply as possible. Through these experiences, an irresistible sense of adventure was instilled into his life. Always seeking new sports and adventures, the beauty and power of waves always intrigued him. At the first opportunity he had, he moved to San Diego to learn how to surf, instantly falling in love with the ocean.

At an intermediate level of surfing, he has sold everything and is out to find awesome surf destinations and experience what the world has to offer. There are no plans. Just spontaneous adventures. He is always excited to meet new people and open to suggestions. Feel free to contact him with any recommended destinations or to connect with him along his journey.



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