About Hugo

Born in Algarve, I had an early contact with the ocean and other water sports. Growing up surrounded by films, negatives and slide projections, photography appeared in my life when I was still a kid. My uncle was passionate by analogue photography and I shared the same passion, but because I couldn’t afford a surfboard or a camera for the longest time, I couldn’t learn how to shoot photos, surf or understand anything about the ocean. 

By my 18th birthday, I moved to Carcavelos, a small place near the beach. I studied economics at University and by the time I finally had the money to get a wetsuit and a board, I quickly stood up on a surfboard. When I got my first job and stable revenue, the analogue age was over and I turned myself to digital cameras. Whenever I was free, I was at the beach, taking photos, learning how to play with the light and all the camera settings. I quickly felt limited by my compact camera and thought it was time to get a DSLR. 

Since that particular moment, I’ve tested a lot of equipment and did a lot of experiments to enhance my work. I even quitted my job and fully dedicated two years of my life to surf photography. I’ve met a lot of interesting people, did a lot of interesting jobs related to photography and one of the most important thing of all is that I had, and still do have a lot of fun doing what I love - being in the ocean surfing or simply shooting the waves. 


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