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About Florian

I live on the edge of this great puddle of water that we call Mediterranean Sea. From being flat for weeks, then suddenly waking up to generate amazing waves, the ocean always surprise you. For some, it may be a catastrophe, while for others, it is the perfect opportunity to get out - I am one of those guys, the one that seizes the chance. 

Capturing water from every angle has become a daily thinking in my mind. I am able to stay in the water for hours in search of the perfect shape or atmosphere. I’m interested by the way water creates sculpture because of the wind, with the movement and light that totally obsesses me. 

Not alone though, people from our surf community in France always look up at the forecast to make sure they are not missing waves at the perfect spot. I try my best to document these moments of happiness and passion through my photos, and it definitely is one of the greatest things I have ever done.