Welcome to Nouvelle Vague!

I grew up in a small town and everything was fine. I wasn’t too keen about sports and only liked reading books. I wasn’t a geek, I had fun doing other stuff too, I swear. And then, surfing found me. In the middle of nowhere, I realized that you can catch waves and go surf. The idea itself sounded like art to me. Like a surrealist dream.

I thought that if it happened to me, it must have happened to other people too - that feeling of missing something because you are far from the sea. It secretly hurt, to constantly think that you could be in the ocean, tasting the salt on your lips and the water protect you from the cruelty of the earth. It still hurt these days, to think that you belong somewhere where the waves are powerful and where the only thing that matter is the weather. Then, here I am, launching Nouvelle Vague. For all these humans that think they belong somewhere else. To the places where a surfboard is the only luxury you need. I learned in life that if you fail once or twice, you will end up having success eventually, no matter what. You can’t fail forever, right? That’s when I realized Nouvelle Vague should exist. To express my thoughts, but also, to express your thoughts. This is not all about me – I am not there. This is us. No matter where you are in the world, surfing can be part of your life. I want Nouvelle Vague to be your worldwide references because we are still looking for a place we can call home. Until we find it, home is everywhere.

I won’t explain what’s going to be on the website neither to say why. This is there. This is going to be there. All that matter is that we love it and that we keep sharing the surf culture we always cherished.

There is art. There is interviews. There is stories. There is tips. There is surfing.

That’s all that matters.

Welcome home. Enjoy the ride.

-Nouvelle Vague

PS: I am really grateful to all the people that encouraged the blog through the summer. We received so many comments from different countries and this is wonderful to see!