Welcome to the team #whateverhellofriday

There are two kinds of people in the world: those that live fast and chase the adventure or the ones that stick to their goals and work toward a career. The life they imagined since they are kids. There is nothing wrong about both of these choices, if you still wake up in the morning with excitement, it’s totally fine. The problem is that so many people wakes up one day and realized, ‘’I should have done that’’. But all sorts of excuses come from their mouths, influenced by friends that surround them and that aren’t used to destroy a routine. People that aren’t used to get out their comfort zone and try something new, something that will challenge them.

One day, Ursel woke up and realized she was in an emphasis: she lacked inspiration. Her life in Germany was a joyful one, don’t get me wrong, being a photographer and an art director is an achievement she will always be happy of and still is these days. But it wasn’t enough. She wanted to shoot more and shoot things that will delight her eyes with pure happiness and work on subjects she is really into. What can you do when it happen? You book some time off work. You book a plane ticket and then, you enjoy the fact that your routine has been just an old memories – you’re now on the road. That’s what she did. A whole new adventure was starting, where meeting new peoples, wandering through new places and dipping herself into the surfing and skateboarding culture was now her job. A job where fear can’t exist and where you have to work hard to get what you want.

Discovering her work while she was exploring the West Coast of Canada, looking for more wilderness and surf spots, Ursel decided to come and join me in the Nouvelle Vague adventure. She will document her travel with the help of her pictures, allowing us to go with her to places we’ve never thought of.

She’s the photographer of the week because, well, she’s talented, and she’s such a rad girl. I always had a crush for German people (they are such lovely people), and I am happy to have that girl with us. Dig through some of her works and be excited for the next things to come: she will make you want to quit your job and travel with her (maybe you should do it)!