Wegrich changed our ideas about wetsuits.

I never thought of wetsuits as an armor. Just something annoying to wear while the water is too freezing to go in swimsuits, which means, the time I wish I were somewhere warmer. Maybe it is just me, or we all think that way, but while watching the new video of Rip Curl featuring Noah Wegrich (and admiring his skills in the water), what he said was actually kind of right. Why not considered our wetsuits as an armor, as something that get us ready for the biggest waves and the biggest airs of our life? Something to remind us to push ourselves a little bit more to become better. Maybe not because they're girls at the beach, but just because, it does make sense. Hockey players have an outfit, soccer players as well, and even football players. Why not us, surfers? Let it be our wetsuits!  

As for Noah, this 22-year-old surfer from Santa Cruz, a bright future is waiting for him ahead. Sponsored by Rip Curl and being one of the funniest of the team, Noah love cold water surfing. The fact that he’s from North California may be the reason, but he’s always tripping in Canada or somewhere colder in Europe with a bunch of guys excited for pumping waves. This year, we are seeing him everywhere! Did you saw him surf in Mute? Well, maybe you should. I think it’s the time!