Swimsuit graphics with Veronica Steigner

I found a little part of me in Veronica and I really wish we will do a surf trip together in a near future – we need to or I will be bummed! A gifted gal hooked to the surf culture, Veronica is now part of the Akela Surf team by doing the design for their new collection. On the new collection, you will have the chance to walk around the shore and go catch some swells with a design made from this girl. She still doesn’t believe it, as she said in the interview: ‘’I only told my family and my best friends because I am still afraid that something would go wrong’’. She reminds us that even people that work hard for their dream are still able to feel fear and stress about their work. The human body is such a beautiful tool, and she reminds us this by the way she truly feels.

Name: Veronica Steigner

Age: 23 years old

Where did you start surfing?          

I think 3 years ago, I went to France in a surf camp. Then, I tried it and I was so stoked, and I just said ‘’I’m sorry, I have to go again’’. 

What’s your daily kind of day when you’re not at school?

It depends on the weather. I like to have my morning coffee and draw for a bit. Going for a run and in the afternoon, if it’s nice out, I like to skate while hanging out with my friends. For the night, it always depends. Sometimes hanging at my friend’s place because he has a mini-ramp in the backyard, but if it’s raining, I don’t know. Reading.

So, you were in Spain for a while. Do you think the mix of culture between Germany and Spain were a good thing for your inspiration?

For sure yes, because I really like the Spanish mentality and they are so open-minded and much friendlier than German people. The way they are is so different, but it feels like - a lot of people say that I look a Spanish girl - and I feel like that because I really like the language and how the people act, with more passion.

Where do you get your general inspiration?

A lot from the ocean because when I’m with the ocean, it’s so much easier to draw and to design things. A bit from skateboarding as well because I skate and it’s a way to clear my mind.

Do you want to do a collaboration with a skateboard company in the future?

Maybe, because I don’t want to work in an agency from 8 in the morning to 12 at night. I really want to work in the surf industry, so yes, maybe doing skateboard design or something.

Have you tried to get into the industry a bit more while being in Spain or Akela Surf is the beginning?

I started with Akela surf because they are super friendly and in Europe, the bigger brands don’t take you by the lack of experiences. Small brands are always ready to try something, but Spanish people talk a lot and never come back to you.

‘’At the moment, I don’t have an artist page

because everyone at the university started to have one,

but I was like ‘’I don’t really feel like an artist’’


Do you have any other projects coming up?

Not yet. I’m doing an internship during the summer, in Lisbon at a place where they shape surfboards. I really want to learn it because I want to create a book in German about building surfboards for my final University project.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

OK, in 5 years I will live next to the ocean, surfing every morning and having a dog. And, designing things.

If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Oh, that’s hard. I love to live in a place for 1-2 years, then move to another place. I really want to live in California, New Zealand, South of France or northern Spain, like the Basque countries, I really love it!