A Surf Getaway in Biarritz, France

In France, there are destinations that are essential for surfing: Biarritz is one of them. Luckily for me, I was able to go there for three weeks.

What we automatically imagine when someone mention Biarritz. Photo by Florian Gruet

The program was simple: go to the water every day, shoot surfers and waves, eat local food and drink wine.

Unfortunately, on the first three days I was there, it rained non-stop with too much wind, no waves and very powerful currents.

During our stay in Biarritz, the sea was so mad that going in would have been madness. Photo by Florian Gruet

But, after these three days of rain, the weather became perfect! You could even find yourself complaining about the warmth. I was then able to shoot at La Côte des Basques with super nice guys on longboards, and also at La Grande Plage.

During the rest of my stay, we followed the ISA World Surfing Games and went to see the local spots like Hossegor and La Graviere (another mythical spot in France, known worldwide for having the best beachbreak). Summer arrived here so there wasn’t big waves, however the sunsets were incredibly beautiful.

Sea's texture in Biarritz, France. Photo by Florian Gruet

So if you want to go surf in France, you now know where to go!

Have you ever explored Biarritz? Is it one of your favourite places in France? 
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