A Summer in California - It's all about chance pt 2 of 3


Carapace Wetsuits is a company I got in touch with while I was travelling. Located in California and founded in 2012, Carapace are making their way into the surfing/diving world with the help of their premium custom-fit wetsuits. We just love the quality of the wetsuits and the team, so working with them was something logic for me.

For the first few articles, we decided to talk about my trip to California, sleeping on stranger’s couch and exploring places that I didn’t even knew existed. Here’s the part 2! Haven't read part 1? Read it here! 

Credit: Tom English

I’ve never heard of Encinitas in my whole life. That city name never captured my attention even when Surfer Magazine ranked it the third best surf city in the USA in 2009. I was going there to learn how to shape with Valerie Duprat, the rad woman who is behind Mere-Made Surfboards – it was the only reason. The worst part was, it was so far! I was exhausted when I arrived in Encinitas in the evening and was shocked to find nothing open on a Sunday night except 7-Eleven. I had the chance to sleep at Outsite’s house (a co-working space) for the first two nights while no one was staying there, which meant home next to Grandview Beach all to myself (technically, Leucadia)! What should have been a blast for me, was in fact, stressful. I have a fear of sleeping alone in big houses, and since I knew that you could open the door with a code, I was scared that someone knew the code and could enter anytime. It seemed like an extremely long two days, even if the house was awesome. I was happy that it eventually ended to see my next stop – the English Family.

If you are from Encinitas or somewhere close, you might know them, or you have probably heard their name at least once. I walked with my 8 ft. surfboards and my bags to meet the girls at The Pannikin and discovered that the girls who were hosting me were simply the best people I could ever meet. After talking for a while next to the hipster yellow coffee shop, one of the sisters invited me on a trip to San Francisco with her the following Monday. The two days quickly changed to two weeks and thinking about leaving them was already giving me heartache. But I didn’t get much chance to think about it, time was flying, and we had to go.