A Summer in California - It's all about chance Pt 3 of 3


Carapace Wetsuits is a company I got in touch with while I was travelling. Located in California and founded in 2012, Carapace are making their way into the surfing/diving world with the help of their premium custom-fit wetsuits. We just love the quality of the wetsuits and the team, so working with them was something logic for me.

For the first few articles, we decided to talk about my trip to California, sleeping on stranger’s couch and exploring places that I didn’t even knew existed. Here’s the part 3! Haven't read part 1? Read it here! What about part 2? Right here

It was the time when everyone was heading to bed. The time when the lights turn off and youth wakes up, filling up the streets with dreams that weren’t utopian. After a few minutes on the road, avoiding cars and human beings walking on the sidewalk, I decided that I didn’t know where I was heading. I opened a map on my cell phone hoping it would help me a bit. It did. I then found myself on a beach between Newport and Huntington, sipping on a cup of red wine hearing the waves break in the black night. I didn’t know much about the guy I was with, apart from an evening spent together filled with nasty vodka-soda drinks. It was at a surf party in Costa Mesa about a week ago, but it felt like I knew him. I think what matters is to follow your instinct. We talked for…I don’t know how much time. We talked about anything and everything, but it was all related to surfing in a way. We talked about his jobs, his internships, his career at Red Bull for the moment, and his life growing up in Huntington. “It’s funny how it took you only a month to meet all the people that took me years to encounter,” he told me between two sips. The red wine was good, I’ve always loved wine, and luckily for me, it never affected my state of mind (never say never). Who doesn’t love red wine, right? I stayed silent for a while. We were able to see the lights from the car on the road, but the rest of the beach was just dark. “Yes, it took me a month. But I controlled my fate. I came here only for that, so that’s what I did.”