The six videos you need to watch as soon as possible.

Last week was pretty busy. As soon Mick Fanning won the Hurley Pro, becoming the official leader of Jeep and that Carissa Moore won the Swatch US Pro, the Red Bull Unleashed in Snowdonia was starting. Then, Albee Layer won that new surf contest with success while we’ve all been stoked about the 29 that Ian Crane got. It’s still blowing my mind today! In the meantime, it seems like thousands of surf videos and edits was coming online for the pleasure of our eyes. The Premiere of Psychic Migration in Newport Beach, Velvet Joy, Outerspace… Everyone picked the same date to release their videos and we can’t complain about it.
We then decided to make it easy for you and group them all together. So now, you can sit with a bowl of candy and maybe a cold beer (or some healthy juice thing), the choice is yours. Sit back and enjoy. 


A surprising trio decided to go on a trip to Iceland – Garrett Parkes, James Kates and Chayne Simpson. This is not your normal surf trip, because this isn’t all about the surf. There is a surfer, a kneeboarder and a bodyboarder. It sounds illogical and absurd, but you know what? It ends up pretty awesomely and will catch up your attention.


We always loved watching the Gudauskas reunited together and this is what’s happening in Outerspace – a 90s style, the three brothers and perfect surf spots. Chopes, Cloudbreak, Trestles, Iceland and Mavericks, can we really find something better? Almost forget, Morocco as well. 


Ever heard of Skeleton Bay? Well, this is in Namibia and this is where Damien Castera decided to go to get lost and catch the perfect left. In a place where nothing exists anymore, a new kind of paradise exists and this is for the surfers. Not scared of cold water, Damien document his way to there with a beautiful video that seems like a documentary and makes us travel with him. A wild adventure to takes alone in research of the perfect wave. – It’s in French, so you may need a translator next to you. 


We always loved Conner Coffin surf and this is the only reason we found to convince you to watch it. Filmed in paradisiac places as Hawaii, California, Indo, Fiji and even more that we’re not aware of, Conner brings us with him to watch him shred waves without necessarily doing air at every two minutes. 


We welcome Luke Davis in a new era of his life: free surfer. Or he decided to stop contests to focus on his career in a boy band. In any case, Velvet Joy is a pure gift that we were dreaming of, combining two of our favourite things: surfing and wild parties. 


Four guys and a trip to Maui – is it enough? Albee Layer, Dege O’Connell, Kai Barger and Granger Larsen give us an insider view of their waves and their fun adventure. With an electric music, perfect barrels and amazing airs, you may find yourself crying at the end because it’s too rad. Good luck to watch it without a tear.