There are some people that you will meet and just know. You will know that what they are doing at the moment is only a small insight of what’s going to be next. Nouvelle Vague has been since the start about sharing the surf culture with people around the world, but not just that, it was a way to show that no matter where you are from, you can surf. Especially if you are from a city where surfing isn’t something common, I wanted to share the joy it brings. When Jeremy Le Chatelier discovered Nouvelle Vague and wrote to me to let me enter into his art, I knew who he was: the piece missing to my puzzle.

Born in Costa Rica but raised in Montreal, Jeremy has always been into surfing and travelling to capture some waves. The world is big, but when a city needs to be your home until the university is over, you don’t have any other choice than to stick with the city and learn to get the best of it. That’s what he did. Surfing is now something common in any Montreal citizen mind, and this is something I would not be able to explain. It just happened. We needed the ocean, and maybe it was because we had a lack of it. We were used to snowboarding, well, now we wanted to surf. People are surfing two waves in Montreal, but don’t get me wrong, they aren’t waves like other places: they are a standing wave that goes up to 2 ft. It may not be big enough, but it’s still a fun alternative instead of staying home and crying about your life in the city while dreaming about all these exotic places. And, it’s a different technique than surfing in the sea.

Jeremy decided to capture the surfers going in the river, through cold water and bad weather, only to get a feeling we can’t get otherwise: catching a wave. I am sorry to all the people that never been interested in small waves or even dipping yourself in a river, but I think that after seeing his pictures, you will change your mind and put Montreal on your bucket list of surfing. His pictures make us feel like we belong there, in the river. He makes us fall in love over and over again with the nature that surround us, the nature that we thought impossible to experience in the city. And he does it all while offering us a different photography techniques, one that will capture your mind and leave it to amaze.

I found the piece of my puzzle, the one that can capture what I was trying to express in words. And it’s with pleasure that I welcome this talented photographer to the Nouvelle Vague team! 

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