I met Laurent during a party in San Diego. I was by myself and wondering what to do, then, I found him and his wife. Lovely couple and nice people, as you can expect. Except saving me from being alone and talking to me with a French accent different than mine, he talked to me about surfing. A lot. Then, when he told me he was shooting pictures of moments and especially surfers at sea, I was automatically hooked. As soon I have seen his work, I knew it was different. Anyone can go in the water and take a picture. It's easy to click on a button (isn't?). It's not easy to capture a moment that is worth one thousand words though. A pictures that represent a feeling. A thought. An experience. A fear. This is not easy, to capture something real - unplanned. Laurent does it well and that's why he's the photographer of the week. He is worth following through all the social media stuff we have because his pictures are just - well, I let you see by yourself!

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