Perspective 005

The best way to become my best self was to go out every day and push my creativity further. Even on days I didn't feel like it, I was still dressing up and going out at sea, no matter the quality of the waves, no matter the weather. I was not thinking, I was simply going. 
It works for anything. 
Painting, photography, writing. 

That's the problem with people - they wait until creativity come in and give them the best ideas without any work. Like, were you really thinking that the universe would whisper you a magical idea in your ear and all you need to do is make it comes to life? Well, maybe you did if you believe in some kind of creative God, but I don't. When you want something to happen, you gotta make it happen. And when you want creativity to kick in, you can't control it - but you can be at the good place at the good time. 

Some days are bad. Bad photos, bad writing, bad everything. But another day, unexpectedly, I create something great, and I know - I know the time and the wait were worth it.