Perspective 004

The beauty of Australia constantly lights up my soul.

It made me realize how surprising the world can be. I learned to enjoy the smallest things and accept that our life isn't constantly filled with big moments. I learned to be patient for things to come and work hard for what we want to see become reality. I now look around in search of a smile from strangers instead of looking down my phone. I sit on the beach to clean my mind instead of closing my apartment's doors. I try to stay grounded to the earth instead of chasing a materialistic dream. I learned to observe our surroundings instead of just looking at it. I learned to be happy with the sea as my only goal. I learned to stop worrying about the next thing that it's going to happen, the next chapter of my life. I decided to let go of everything and see how it goes. Let it flow, let it be.
Australia taught me that beauty is everywhere and when I take my camera out to capture a particular moment, this is what I feel.

The moment. The pure joy. The reason I left everything for - the striking power of the sea.