Perspective 003

We hurry for things to happen. 
We run after our morning train as we run to work. We hurry out of the streets to jump into the water and we hurry to appointments that are useless to the soul. We almost became mechanical, our bodies already know how our day is going to be like.

A routine. A dangerous, monotonous routine that may kill you if not handle with care. 

Are you fully living your life? Or should I say, your day? Do you seize any opportunity that may rise and do you offer yourself the chance to try something new? Do you live in the way you always wanted to or are you stuck in a pattern that won't let you go away? 
Time is flying. The world may end at any time, but not just the world in general, your world. Your heart beating in your chest won't be there forever. You don't have the time to wait for something better to happen. I learned that you need to get out there, be brave and make something happen.

Be adventurous. Be creative. Be curious. Be passionate. Be you. But do something.