Perspective 002

We all try to get a certain meaning in our lives through other's words. It is the most typical thing to do, but it can bring you inspiration instantly and make you remember why you're doing this - the creative path. You could have closed your eyes and continued your journey without it, but you decided to jump in a lifelong adventure instead. All this hard work and sleepless nights for what? 

For passion, for beauty, for the art of creating. For waking up with a purpose that fulfills your soul instead of waking up with an awful feeling in your gut. For feeling alive and achieving the best within yourself. To create something for the world to see, not to impress any of them, but only to share it with them - your purpose. Your goals. Your ideas. Your fears. 

If I had to pick someone that I believe enough to get lost in his wise words, it would be the American poet Walt Whitman. It doesn't involve surfing, but it involves passion & believing in yourself, which is pretty much what surfing teach you. 

Be sure to believe that words and poetry can change the world. Whatever happens, our essence is intact. We are beings full of passion. Life is desert and oasis. We breakdowns, hurt us, teaches us, makes us protagonists of our own story. Although the wind blow against the powerful work continues: you can make a stanza. Never stop dreaming, because in a dream, man is free.
— Walt Whitman

Who inspired you?