Perspective 001

The ability of saving yourself in a moment of despair is something humans are able to achieve, but that is still unexplainable. 

It’s just what humans does - they don’t wait for anyone to save them, they save themselves. 

They close their eyes, take a deep breath and run away to something new.

They run towards something that is hidden, but deeply important to them.

The ability of saving yourself is nothing else but your own decision.
I did take the choice of saving myself from a misery of platitude and constant repetition.
I did take the risk of losing everything in the hope of finding myself. 

And as I watch the waves accepting with finesse my presence in the sea, I understand that no matter what you can get or achieve in this world, the beauty is all in the small things, and the risks that are illogical are sometimes worth taking.
I found myself again. 

Did you?