Overdose of good videos

Photo via Reef // Cyrus Sutton

As you probably know already, people got crazy yesterday!
From cold and sketchy Russia with Cyrus Sutton, to some captivating surfing of Alana Blanchard in Bali with one of her good mate, Dimity Stoyle, and a peak into Florence’s life, surfing, and everything he’s good at, we didn’t know what to look at anymore!
So many things, so little time.

As I don’t want you to lose too much time (take at least 30 minutes of your time or hide in the washroom 30 minutes, should I say), watch this all and you will feel better.
Or not. 

1. It is through a mysterious tale that we discover the (un)famous spot that Cyrus Sutton discovered years ago, Kamchatka Peninsula. Now followed by two Californians in search of remoteness, Dylan Gordon and Anna Hergott, we get lost in their four day adventure filled with bears, fishing, poachers and swells smaller than expected. A 8-minute tale of adventure in Russia, but upcoming years of dreaming. 

2. Bali, the land of dreams, become a paradise for any men on Earth if we mention Alana Blanchard. As for us, we think she would be a sweet best friend! And, we’re sure that she’s a pretty damn good surfer! A new edit from her last trip with her friend Dimity Stoyle reminds us their skills in the water, in the land of paradise. 

3. We’re following John John in this Hurley Series through different countries and surf contests, just to get an idea of what is mind is all about. From Rio de Janeiro to Fiji, we end up in Africa, one of his favourite places in the world. Starting the event with a victory, we thought there would be no challenges for the following, but he got a hard time against Taj in Fiji and had no good waves in J-Bay. But, it takes more than that to defeat a champion! 2016 isn’t over anyway, right? Am I right? Of course I am. 

I know, we wanted to share what you’ve been missing yesterday, but we cannot resist and share with you what Sebastien Zanella recently filmed : You only tell the truth in the dark: William Aliotti. Playing with melancholia in deserted places combined with the romance of loneliness, plus impressive waves in Chile, it is, again, another film well produced. That’s when we start wondering: can we be happy alone?