Outsite Experience: Leucadia

Credit Photo: Julien Bacal

We’ve all seen the explosion in the industry for the co-working spaces. But, wait, first of all, what’s a co-working space? Everyone is saying this word, but no one ever tried to explain it.

A co-working space is a place where you can go to focus on your own work while being around well-minded people that are all there to focus on their projects and work harder. The co-working space is to forget your worries of a day and be in an environment with no distraction while you need to. There is a popular co-working space called Outsite that does more than that. They make you close your phone for a weekend (woah – that long?). Yep, that long. They bring you with cars to Big Sur and make you live the full experience of being without technology. Or they bring you on a bus to go explore something else. Anyone that is trying to create something big that will revolutionize our world, your world or internet, will know that sometimes, we just need a little break so we can work harder. While being on the road in California without a specific place to sleep at, the founder of Outsite, Emmanuel Guisset, invited me to stay at the house in Leucadia (Encinitas) to see the location and experience the vibe of the place. I didn’t go when there were people because the dates didn’t match, but I had the house for myself, which was a positive aspect as I was sleeping on a stranger’s couch the whole summer. Sometimes it feels good to be alone, like, all alone.

Credit: Outsite

So, how do you find a house when you are not even used to a city and that you arrived when it’s 8 pm, you’re hungry and there is almost no light in the street? Well, it’s kind of sketchy. That was my fault though, travelling without GPS isn’t the brightest idea. I then found the house which is at the beginning of Leucadia, you start on Highway one and go up the street (I won’t say the street as I don’t want everyone to run over there) and here is the house. After a couple of rounds around to know which doors I had to open, I found myself in the house. As I entered, I thought ‘’oh damn, that’s smaller than what I thought’’. I was wrong, it was just the beginning. As I walked in the corridor and turn to end up in the living room – well, that place was huge. Couple of bedrooms, a lot of bathrooms, a huge living room and even a second level with a bar, an air hockey table, other rooms and a balcony with a beautiful view of the sea. I then called all my family to say how stoked I was to be in California and living in that dream house for a couple of nights (what, let’s be honest no?). Now, bed.

As I explored around the day after, I fell in love with Leucadia. The people there are kind and friendly, it feels like a small community where anyone can be accepted. Even though now it’s getting more developed, Leucadia is still that little surf town where everyone are hippies and happy to go surfing. The vibe is the best. From a small walking distance to the beach, you can go to Grandview to go surfing or even Beacon’s which is a little further away, but worth the distance. The waves are usually good and not too crowded, and if it’s crowded, it doesn’t even feel like it. Grocery store isn’t too far and good restaurants neither. The downtown of Encinitas is kind of far, let’s say 30 minutes walk, but remember no one walks in California so I would tell you to get a bike or even take a bus, even though they are not that efficient. I made you a list of all the best spots around so you know where you should go once you are living the dream with them.

Best Spots Around

Grocery: Just Peachy – Cheap and Organic, you will want everything. Also, try the Yerba Mate, typically Californian and so good! The mint one is the best.

Restaurants: Everyone used to say that Fish 101 is an awesome restaurant, but I never tried it even though it’s really close to you. I would tell you to walk a little further and go eat at Pannikin for lunch (the big yellow house with a patio). We presented me that place as the ‘’hipster’ place, but really, it’s just good food and cool vibes. For dinner, walk further toward downtown Encinitas and go eat at HapiFish, their happy hours are like a dream – Sushi, Beer and Sake. Also, take some Edamame to begin with! The nicest waitresses around. We ran into Sage Erickson last time we were there, so you know it’s the place!

Coffee Shop: Pannikin is technically a coffee shop, but whatever, let’s say it’s a restaurant/coffee. You should go hang at Coffee Coffee and try their drink of the week, sometimes they are so good! A good place to hang at and everyone are doing their homework so you can stay there a long time without feeling bad.

Beaches: Beacon’s all the way! For the more advanced surfers that surf short boards, go to Swamis. A popular spot where you can always find a surf photographer that will be there to capture the best tricks of surfers.

Surf Shops: Surfy Surfy is located next to Coffee Coffee and is one of the raddest surf shop, with plenty of boards and other things to attract your eyes. Also, stop by Swell Stuff to hang out with Lisa, she is an awesome woman that will talk to you a long time about surfing and her shop. 

Credit: @christyeng

The house of Outsite is big and beautiful. The small backyard in the back has a spa and an outdoor shower and if you go the other side, you will find a patio where you can hang on at. One of the things I loved the most about this place was the high ceiling. And the five minutes walk to the beach. I know sometimes it seems hard to quite our routine and go work on our computer in such a beautiful place where all you want to do is explore and surf, but trust me, it’s worth it. You need a break sometimes and you need to relax, and that’s what Outsite offers you. Also, it’s pretty cheap, around $70 a night. I am not quite sure you will find somewhere cheaper around, like, we are in California, life is expensive!


Next week, you will find an interview we had with the founder/owner Emmanuel Guisset, so stay tuned and until then, look at the pictures! x

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