Get out your comfort zone with FRIO

If you haven’t heard of FRIO yet, you probably haven’t checked any Canadian surf media. We are talking about it everywhere - FRIO is in our mind! The surf community in our country is supporting each other; maybe it’s an attempt to help grow the industry bigger or maybe we are just stoked to have a surf documentary coming out from Canada, who knows. I could talk to you about the Skype call I did with J.P Veillet (the producer) while he’s catching waves in Tofino, but I won’t. There are way more things to talk about than an interview over Skype.

While talking to him, one thing hit me and made me realized why the project will work. Only a few words and I was convinced: that’s going to be the raddest surf film you will have ever seen from Canada. ‘’I don’t do it for the money, so if at the end I am tight with the budget, I don’t care. The thing that matters the most is if we’re able to have the sickest project that ever been done. I am knocking on wood to avoid bad luck, but this is going to be one of the biggest surf films that will be coming out our country! Right now, it’s just the beginning’’. As soon he told me that, I knew it would work. People will support FRIO because it’s not for the money. The passion is driving him and the whole team behind FRIO, the love of surfing and the goal to change the life of two young surfers from Nicaragua. 

J.P isn’t new in the industry and even when he was younger, he grew up with a camera in his hands. Eventually, he had to pick what he wanted to do with his life: to be in front of the camera or the one behind. He picked the second choice, studied, worked in skate/surf shops for a while and made some snowboards films with the guys at Sequence Films. He’s constantly working on different contracts and personal projects as well, but FRIO is the biggest film he has worked on.

Kevin Cortez and Jackson Obando

Credit: Bryan Wilkat

It all started one year and a half ago when his adventures made him travel different countries. He ended in Gigante, Nicaragua and met Jackson Obando and Kevin Cortez. The first time he has seen them surf, these guys were shredding! It seems like they owned the place, everyone knew them, and they are like pro surfers, but without sponsors. As he told us, these guys are simply awesome. It became like a new home for J.P, and while sitting outside with Kevin and answering questions about surfing in Canada, an idea was born: bring the guys to the West Coast to make them live the full surfing experience any Canadians are going through.
And here they are today, doing a Kickstarter to realize this project that his now their dream.

As any surf movies, the goal itself is hard to define, which is the same thing with FRIO. But as J.P said, ‘’the first idea is to bring the guys up here and get them out their comfort zone. It’s happening because we created the opportunity, or they would probably never come in Canada. Their adventure is a unique experience that anyone will like to watch, and it’s so easy to like these guys’’! As a viewer, that’s what we want to see. We want to see them explore the world and have a rad time while wearing the thickest wetsuits they could have imagined. This is about two guys being brave enough to try something new.  

Jackson Obando, Playa Colorado, Nicaragua

Credit: Bryan Wilkat

In the end, this is not all about their experience, but this is ours. Flying from Nicaragua with them to end up in the freezing water surrounded by pine trees and mountains. The idea itself warms up our heart, as cheesy as it sounds. You know it’s going to be a movie about joy, and it’s enough to convince us to donate a little. As surfers, we’re the best at sharing the stoke and making dreams come true: so why not giving the chance to others? Allow the dreamers to live something that will last in their memories forever, and just remember, it’s all about karma. Hopefully, karma brings us good waves!