ORA Boutique brings us a wave of newness

ORA Boutique is a concept store inspired by some of the greatest boutiques in the UK. As soon you enter in the store, you have the whole room filled with clothing inspired by the South California’s style and culture – boho, indie, rock. Everything you need to transport yourself in those places. If you continue your walk surrounded by white walls and Kygo’s music, you will eventually end up in a beauty salon where two sisters can give you a brand new look – hairs, lashes, nails and makeup. Pinklabhell.
The goal of a concept store is to give you a full fashion experience from head to toe. The goal of ORA Boutique is to make you travel to the places the owners went to and share with you their best advices. Being aware of all the news in fashion every season, they are able to put you on the same page as the other Fashionistas.

This is between a mouthful of sushi and a sip of matcha that I realized something: first, I knew most people without even having met them once. Thanks social media or the size of the town. Second, people are really interested and intrigued to try something new. The night was a success and it felt good to see that people are interested in a new style that comes from somewhere else. And third, Shawinigan could be on the map of fashion in the future. Every time I try different stores, it seems like they are all the same. They all have the same concept and the same idea of what fashion is, but not ORA. Just let them surround you with their passion and you won’t be the same afterwards.  

When I discovered that a new store will open in Shawinigan (a small town in Quebec, where fashion is hidden), a store that reminds us the UK, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Minimalist, pure, simple. The owners are a married couple that recently came back from Paris and worked with tons of Fashion Company in different cities, where fashion is the main culture. I learned with them that fashion isn’t only about clothes, but that a lot of things matters. The way you are, the way you wear your pieces and the way you present yourself. Fashion isn’t something you need to be influenced on: follow your inspiration. Be creative and don’t be ashamed of wearing something no one did yet. This is a constant challenge to get out of our comfort zone by wearing that pair of plastic shoes called Juju’s footwear or that Wildfox swimsuit. It is, don’t get me wrong, but just let me tell you that you will be happy you did.

This is not an article about surfing, I admit it, but with the Spring/Summer 2016 season coming up in the store soon, surfers will be satisfied. ORA Boutique will be launching their ecommerce in January so surfers (and other fashion-savvy) from all over the world will be able to shop some of the most beautiful swimsuits for next year. Get your boards ready gals!

And for the moment, if you are living in Quebec, call your boss and say you’re sick. Get your mom’s car and come see the owners to enjoy a chat with them, a cup of coffee and a brand new style. x