Procrastinating won’t bring you closer to your dreams

Credit Photo: Jason Landis

To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.


Life is an endless repetition of actions that pushes you in a routine that probably won’t make you happy. Trying to get out our comfort zone by creating something, sharing stories with strangers or hiking a new mountain we are scared of may seem easy, but it is not. Words are just words, and unless you are doing an action that will bring you closer to what your goals are – nothing matters. You may be like me, a real procrastinator. Always pushing things to ‘’later’’. Does later really exist, though, or it is only an excuse? I want you to stop for a while, and think. 
Are you happy at the moment? Look around. Look at your phone. Look at your Instagram. Look at your Facebook. Are you not overtired of all this shit? Sharing content that isn’t even true? Like, where the hell does our life go with that? Do you really want to share moments that you didn’t even take the time to enjoy? Think about your friends, your family, are you wishing to be living someone else’s life instead of yours? Are you constantly thinking about that time you were in Mexico, happily skinny dipping in the Mexican Gulf with no worries in your mind except for what would be your next drink, who would be your next lover? We all do. And this is such a shame! 

Wishing our life away, expecting that everything will happen if it’s meant to be. There’s nothing wrong about that, I get it, we are human. We breathe. We feel. And sometimes, surrounded by all this social media, a slight part of us wish to be someone else. We want to have a different life. We wish we were born somewhere else, and we are convinced that our life would have been better. 

But, wait. 
I want you to stop acting that way. Or should I say, thinking that way. 
Look around. 
Create your own dreams. Drop your phone somewhere in the street and don’t pick it up. Let the bus drive on it and destroy all these illusions that you have about life. Stop being a procrastinator while you could create your own ideal life; cause there is no such thing as perfect happiness. There’s no perfection, and that’s the fun part. There’s no ideal. Follow your passion. Give up giving up. 
And that’s what I realize while writing today. 
I pushed every article to ‘’later’’.
And it sucks. Cause I love to write. 
And I am passionate about words. 
About the world. 
About surfing. 
So I decided to stop.
I decided to share what I wanted to, just because I am happy about it. 
I decided to write, consistently, cause it makes me feel good. 
And I chose to live. Not for other people’s eyes to enjoy, but for my own pleasure to feel the joy. 
And you know what? You should do the same!