Avoid being sunburned with SunZee!

As you probably know already, being a pale skin kind of girl isn’t easy - we constantly burn under the sun! The negative aspects of staying too long outside without skin protection are part of an endless list. Can you imagine when we’re out there in the sea, catching waves or swimming (read - floating) in the ocean? The idea of going back to shore to put more sunscreen pop out often in our minds, but the action of actually doing it never really take place. We rather be in the water, like you. Screw you sunshine, “our skin must be used to it by now”!
Funny enough, the sun doesn’t think that way and always want to make us regret our thought by burning us, again. Thanks to the water and our tenacity. 

But, that time is over, and this is why we’re stoked to announce SunZee!

SunZee will allow you to put sunscreen no matter where you are, simply because it is attached to your wrist! Hiking a summit of a mountain, chasing waves in the sea or riding bikes in a jungle, you will be protected! The idea was very simple to find for the founders as they have spent tons of time in the outdoors without finding the right protection. It actually took shape after seeing the great reactions of people when they started showing their sketches. “A real eye opener for us was when we saw the reaction of a 6 year old to a SunZee sketch. We were with his father in a meeting and as soon as he saw it, he asked his dad to buy him one”, told us Nitsan Nir, one of the co-founder.

Following this impressive reaction, they decided to make it a reality and head into a long process to develop their sunscreen, which is also chemical free and water resistant. How can people, like you and me, create something so technical as SunZee? “Definitely trial and error… we had no experience in the industry at all, we tried dozens of creams, and it took us over 18 months to find the right formula”. When they finally found a manufacturer that liked the idea of what SunZee was, the project was now becoming a reality!

Obviously, as any new projects, starting something request a lot of money and also, patience. It is through Kickstarter the SunZee team decided to put all their hopes into and it was a good thing - after three weeks, their goal was fulfilled at 92%. Now, it’s 100% raised, with 11 days still to go! Nitsan and the whole team were quite shocked to realize the interest of people, but we were not! “The interest and support we are generating from social media is far greater and it gives us energy to push on and bring SunZee to the world”, admitted Nitsan. “The real pleasure is to see the peoples’ amazing reactions when they actually put SunZee on their wrist and use it”. 

Combining protection with pleasure, we are now ready to welcome SunZee into our life! 

The goal being reached by now and the project being alive, we started wondering, what’s next? “A typical reaction we get when we show people SunZee is "I want to buy this now  - who do I pay?”. So, naturally, we want to get to the market as soon as possible. However, our first priority after concluding the Kickstarter campaign is to focus on the transition to commercial manufacturing and then, delivery to our backers that have put their faith and money behind us. The best way to guarantee one of the first SunZee wristbands in the world would be through Kickstarter. Once we are ready to deliver, we will have our own website selling both wristbands and capsules. “

Stay tuned, it’s taking shape and soon enough, you will be able to enjoy the sea and any outdoor activity without worrying about your future sunburn.