Maelström of Passions

Every month, we are trying to pick a theme for the pictures we want to publish. In November, it was Where would you rather be? But, after realizing that we rather be anywhere except in the cold Canadian winter, we decided to process differently. Living in Quebec isn’t easy - there’s no ocean, no real waves except some standing ones (we are generous when we say some – there’s two!), and no warmth during six months. Some are lucky and can travel during these months, while others, sometimes too busy or even just too broke, are stuck here. It may be awesome for the lover of the snow, but for us, the ones that think about the waves pumping in some other location in the world, it feels like hell.

What’s tormenting us then? The ocean. The salty taste on our lips. The power of the waves crashing on shores. And if there’s something that we take for granted way too often, it is the sea. While 71% of the planet is water-covered, 71% of the Earth is a surf spot waiting to be discovered. And this is our goal, right now, with these pictures, to make you remember that hey, it may not last forever! Water may disappear one day. Before a surf session, slow down a bit. Waves are pumping, alright, but just sit two minutes on the white sands, facing the ocean, and try to understand how this powerful sea is so unique and beautiful in its own way. Breathe. Enjoy it. Then, go straight to it, and let yourself connect with it. There’s nothing more raw and joyful than being connected to nature. Don’t forget it, because us, we just can’t stop thinking about it!

Next picture on Tuesday!