Inside Lukas Maeder’s latest project—We’ll Never Be This Young Again

There was a time where print was part of our daily lives and internet a fantasy. There was a time where kids picked up their dad’s camera in the hope of capturing timeless moments, letting creativity express itself. And there was a time where a talented friend of ours decided to put his excuses aside to launch his own book, We’ll Never be This Young Again.

Lukas Maeder’s project of launching a photo book about his journey with the Berlin-based band, Mighty Oaks, started as a typical utopia to end up being one of his biggest project so far. Renowned for shooting big names in the music industry such Snoop Dogg, ASAP Rocky and Ice Cube, he decided to give a new perspective to his work by showcasing the behind-the-scene moments of the band.

If we had to describe Mighty Oaks in a few words only, we would say that their music showcase the reality of our lives. The kind of music that you can listen to all over again, just because you can easily relate to the lyrics that are both sincere and profound. Consisting of Ian Hooper, Claudio Donzelli and Craig Saunders, Mighty Oaks will quickly become one of your favourite indie/folk bands if you quietly sit there and listen to their songs, especially their newest album, Dreamers.

Lukas Maeder’s work always been about capturing the moment, bringing something new to life along the way. Not only a photographer, but a passionate for anything related to creativity, you can expect a book that will give you chills just by turning the pages and looking at the photos. It is more than just a book, it’s a piece of art, and that’s what print is.

If you’re around Zürich next Thursday, you should go at the book release event to get yourself a book, meet up with Lukas and watch an acoustic session of Mighty Oaks’ new songs.

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