Into the life of the Basque Coast's kids

When we talk about France, we have the tendency to automatically think about the fashion world and Paris. The presence of high-end fashion retailers in the big city, next to the Eiffel Towel, capture all the attention. 

But, if you allow yourself to get out of the city and discover further from the crowd, you’ll find yourself feeling the chilly wind of late nights by the sea with a view of flawless waves. Yes, we are still in France. Yes, you are enjoying a fine French bottle of wine with your best mates while being in the heart of the surf culture, probably heading to a surf party in one of the local surf shops.
Welcome to la Côte des Basques, the French paradis of any surfers. 

Right in the action, Martin Malnoë catching a wave. Photographer: Brice Hernandez

As most surfers, people living there are grateful of being born and raised in Biarritz, but can’t help but think about far away places such Australia and California. Luckily enough, as Mehdi Nejjoum, a Biarritz-local, told us, they stay inspired by watching people like Clovis Donizetti in the water. For those of you who don’t know, Clovis is a passionate (and extremely talented) surfer that is inspired by the traditional longboards style of the 60s.  

Mehdi Nejjoum contemplating the vastness of the sea. Photographer: Charles Deshoux 

We can’t blame them—while they dream of these locations, we are dreaming of France. This is what humans do the best, wishing for things they don’t have. We followed our friends Mehdi Nejjoum and Martin Malnoë for a while & decided to share some moments their friends captured while at sea.

Martin Malnoë capturing all the attention. Photographer: Brice Hernandez

Dig through their daily life with the help of these pictures, all captured by a film camera.
You will fall in love with France, the French accent that has “un je ne sais quoi” and the inspiring people you will be surrounded by. Maybe we should plan a trip there…

Mehdi Nejjoum waiting for the perfect time to jump in! Photographer: Charles Deshoux

Are you obsessed with France as much as us? 
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