Maui got us hypnotized by Kain Daly’s skills

Remember the time we did an interview with Marc Chambers? 

Well, we still care about him. We still follow what he does quite closely and dropped everything we were doing as soon as we pressed play on a video he shared, The “Manchild” Kain Daly

Being a production of Take Shelter Production, Marc hasn’t filmed the whole thing, either did Forrest Dein, but they still added some of their footage in it, and even though we don’t know which one, we know that the whole thing is pretty awesome.
With the deep voice of Ryan Gosling in the background and a talented surfer, Kain Daly, shredding the waves apart and doing airs like it wasn’t a big deal, it was easy to get captivated.

We all know how brutal Hawaii can be to showcase your skills as the crowd is so big, but this video offer the chance to Kain to stand out with grace. 

Watch it! Love it!