These are our Five Favourite Surf Shots of the Week

There are too many talented people and not enough time to showcase them all. 
Talented surfers, photographers & artists located all around the world, breathing and living the salty life. They may be chasing waves in cold remote places or under a tropical sun. They may be living in the city and finding their inner peace in the river or the lakes. They may not surf at all but are hypnotized by the beauty of the sea, of the nature surrounding it. 

Travel with us every Monday & discover our favourite surf photos of the week. 
Get inspired. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Discover new people. And, most importantly, fall in love with the beauty of the world again. 

A post shared by Alex Mattie (@sasssysloth) on

Lake Erie, Ontario

We’ve been following Alex Mattie since his trip to Gold Coast, Australia, and all we can say is that his adventures are always interesting. Now back from his journey far away from home, we can now find him in one of the Great Lakes, capturing surfing with his friends. We’re obsessed with these photos & most importantly, by the fact that it doesn’t even look like lake surfing … Don't you think? 

A post shared by Alfonso Ibasco (@f.o.n.z.i) on

Tofino, British Columbia

From the East to the West, we are now in Tofino, British Columbia. Always capturing surfers on the Island, Alfonso is transporting us in the heart of cold water surfing through his Instagram and it’s nothing less than fascinating. Here’s Ravi Camire (@ravicamire) riding one of our favourite local brands, Aftanas Surfboards (read our interview with Stefan Aftanas here). 

San Diego, California

Every time we see photos from Garrett Highhouse, we can’t help but think how powerful his photos are. No matter if it showcased surfing or not, Garrett’s style is dark, unique and captivating. This San Diego’s photographer is someone you should keep your eyes on and until then, dig through his Instagram & find some amazing gem, like this shot of Mike Stidham (@kook_wizard).

Gold Coast, Australia

Yet so simple, sunsets at sea are something extremely captivating for any surfers and photographers. The peacefulness it brings us is instant & this photo of Matt is perfect to soothe any worried souls. As always, Matt makes us want to move to the Gold Coast & live happily ever after. Should we? 

A post shared by Marija Rathe (@marijarathe) on

Siargao Island, Philippines

Marija Rathe’s Instagram is a portfolio of beautiful girls surfing in the sea, having an adventure somewhere in the Philippines or simply being themselves on land. Capturing with perfection the essence of women’s surfing, we’re totally obsessed with her style. 

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