These are our Five Favourite Surf Shots of the Week

There are too many talented people and not enough time to showcase them all. 
Talented surfers, photographers & artists located all around the world, breathing and living the salty life. They may be chasing waves in cold remote places or under a tropical sun. They may be living in the city and finding their inner peace in the river or the lakes. They may not surf at all but are hypnotized by the beauty of the sea, of the nature surrounding it. 

Travel with us every Monday & discover our favourite surf photos of the week. 
Get inspired. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Discover new people. And, most importantly, fall in love with the beauty of the world again. 

Wells, Maine, USA

We’re all searching for the perfect waves so when Alex CD heard that waves would be pumping in Maine last week, there was no sitting around to think about what she should do: she instantly called her friends, picked her board, her camera & drove all the way to Wells. As she mentioned, “It was the first time I ever saw waves this massive in Wells, and it was pretty impressive to watch.”


It’s no secret: we’re obsessed with Rachel Frankenbach’s photos. This photo showcase a surfer surfing in Australia (we’re guessing Sydney?) and captured by the help of Rachel’s analogue camera. Bringing us right into the moment, that’s for sure.

Figueira da Foz, Portugal

The Gliding Barnacles Festival ended yesterday but it doesn’t mean that we need to stop celebrating this event just yet. Here’s a beautiful shot of Mathieu Marechal surfing at the expression session, captured by the one and only Miguel Carvalho.

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Paige Laverty, the photographer behind The Salty Lenz, is one of our favourite girls as she is taking amazing photos of surfers in California but also shows a lot of courage by shooting in big waves. She’s simply rad & this peaceful shot is so beautiful.

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One last proof that the East Coast was pumping last week! We’re not sure where this was taken exactly, but this shot of Nick Tribuno says it all: it was huge!

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