These are our Five Favourite Surf Shots of the Week

There are too many talented people and not enough time to showcase them all. 
Talented surfers, photographers & artists located all around the world, breathing and living the salty life. They may be chasing waves in cold remote places or under a tropical sun. They may be living in the city and finding their inner peace in the river or the lakes. They may not surf at all but are hypnotized by the beauty of the sea, of the nature surrounding it. 

Travel with us every Monday & discover our favourite surf photos of the week. 
Get inspired. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Discover new people. And, most importantly, fall in love with the beauty of the world again. 

Mentawai Islands

This shot of Inés Beisso Figari (@inorwai) on a boat in the Mentawais isn’t the only picture from Ellen that will leave you with envy. Originally from New Zealand, Ellen is always exploring new places with her camera and some of her best mates. Her photos are captivating and we would suggest to avoid her Instagram except if you’re ready to book your next vacation. 

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Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Marie-Soleil Beauchemin used to live in Nicaragua but recently came back home in Canada in search of new adventures. As we can see, staying in Quebec wasn’t an option and Vancouver Island was instantly calling her name. This photo, captured by one of our team photographers, Bryanna Bradley (@bryannabradleyphotography), showcase with perfection the beauty of Tofino. Oh, the wild West Coast! 

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Laguna Beach, California

It would be a lie to say that we know everything about Krista Espino, the photographer behind this shot, as we don’t. All we know is that Krista lives in Southern California and takes amazing photographs, in and out the water. We instantly fell in love with this shot because of the vibrant colours & the simplicity of it, but don’t be surprised—her whole Instagram is like that. 

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Lofoten, Norway

If cold water surfing isn’t something you’re frightening off, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with Mats Torbergsen’s work. In this shot featuring Gunnar Bjørntvedt (@gunnarbjo), you can get a small glimpse of how pretty Norway is. Still not convinced to make it become your next surf trip? Look at Mats’ photos and let the photos speak for themselves—Norway is definitely worth your time! 

Medan, Indonesia

Ahhhh, Bali! Didn’t we all dreamed of Bali at least once?
Flora Christin Butarbutar is living the kind of life we all want in Indonesia—surfing, all the time. At least, that’s what her Instagram showcase. The photographer behind this photo is Lotta (@lotta_and_the_waves), a talented girl that will inspire you through her photos. 

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