Beachwear: Are you Mimi?

There are too many swimsuit companies in the world, to many new collections, new pictures, new Instagram being created and new brands being launched. We don’t know where to look anymore and this is confusing for the ones that want to go to the beach without wearing the Rip Curl Bomb Shell collection. I mean, I love it and it’s really sexy, but what if I don’t feel like wearing that and I just want to wear something else from another country? Well, you can! Every week, we will try to discover new brands together, showing you the best pieces of the collection and giving you some inspiration for your next vacation in Indonesia or your next surfing session, even if it’s in an indoor pool. Of course, we’ll be logic, not all swimsuit can be worn while surfing. Guys, maybe. Girls, please be careful. Especially when you are in a line-up of only guys and your top ran away to the shore, this is not a must.

Credit: Manon Parent

For those of you that didn’t realize yet, we love Mimi Hammer. We wore their swimsuits the whole summer and even surf with them (no I am not the girl that lost her top while catching waves, but almost). You can wear some of their pieces to surf, but not all of them. If your main idea about a swimsuit is to do action water sport, select something consequent. If you just want to have a beautiful swimsuit to lay on the beach, well, the selection is vast.

Mimi Hammer is a brand located in Montreal, Canada. The founders are a lovely couple that decided one day to launch something together, because nothing is better than working with your soulmate. Now, the idea pop in your head to force your boyfriend to do the same. Well, it can work, but I let you deal with that. Or I should rather say, I let him deal with that.

Created in 2011 and trying to convince people in Quebec that swimsuit are a piece of fashion and not just something to throw in the garbage after two months, they are now heading to the top. What it was 2 years ago is not anymore. Now, everyone knows who they are and even if you are going to different countries, you may encounter someone at the beach wearing their swimsuit. Yep, not Canadian, but now with the internet, the possibilities we have are huge. Their swimsuit is a mix of two things: It’s functional and fashion. Following the biggest trends and getting ideas constantly, Camille Forcherio, the designer, try to create pieces that will make women feel comfortable no matter their body types. This is what we love, they give us a good image of the woman’s body and give us confidence to go on the beach, no matter how we look. Joao Crisostomo, on his side, takes care of all the E-Commerce, Social Media and Marketing. You know that picture you liked on Instagram? Yes, he posted it. He’s good at it and he takes the time to be close to their customers, which we love too. It feels like we know them (well, I do), but for others, it feels like a really big family and if you go see them at their shop located in Saint-Lambert, Quebec, they will be as friendly as expected.

We have seen the new collection for next summer and it’s a dream.
For the moment, until its launch, we won’t reveal anything and will let you watch some pictures that local photographers took.

If you need any more information, you can contact them, they will answer you for sure. 

Credit 1-2-3: Sarah Babineau

Credit 4-5: Manon Parent