Fall in love with the Pacific Northwest

There’s some days like that where I wake up and only think of one thing: Australia. Well, that’s a lie, cause I think about it every day, but I simply needed a reminder about the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Why are we always wishing something else? We are here, surrounded by ancient trees, wild animals and beautiful white mountains. We are here, enjoying the storm that brings us perfect swells for a whole season. We are here, in the present. So click pause, stop buying your plane ticket and watch Cold & Lovable. It will bring up emotion in your soul with guys like Albee Layer or Tyler Larronde surfing beautiful spots. Or even just focus on Cam Richards or Kain Daly. Or you know what, just look at all of them, sit back, and enjoy.

Shut up about Australia.
The Pacific Northwest is an amazing place to be.