Dior brings back your wild side

Some people might think that when high-end fashion brands decide to use surfing as their advantage, for selling, marketing, or whichever reason they found it logic to do so, it is automatically bad. 

Like, fashion and surfing…. Really?! 

I admit, sometimes it is quite stupid and not even logic, that’s true. It is just a way to get people’s attention, while we all know already that we won’t go surfing on a Chanel board. We rather go with a local shaper or a brand that we trust on the subject. We rather go swim with a wetsuit that offer us quality instead of “brand name”. 

But, when Dior combines their essence of style with our wild side, something magic happens: a piece of art. Directors Clément Bauvais and Arthur de Kersauson could have easily made these men look strange to the eyes of other in their new series, Tale of the Wild. But they didn’t. Allowing us to get a peek inside the life of four different men, all passionate by different things that connect them to nature and its wilderness, we discover the interesting reality of their everyday life, as mad as it may seem. 

It is captivating, of course, Johnny Depp’s voice may bring a sense of mystery and rawness that we like, but it is also because of each subject. Harrison Roach, Jakob von Plessen, Arthur Van Der Putten and Ethan Pringle are four interesting people that we would definitely trust if we go on an adventure with. 

We’re sharing with you Harrison Roach’s passion for the ocean, as we live through his words, but I deeply encourage you to take some of your time and discover all the four episodes Dior offers us.

“The effect the ocean has on you can be so extreme that when you wake up in the morning, it’s the first thing you think about”. 

Fashion and our wild heart don’t always give a bad result when together!