Are curved fins the future of surfing?

The surf industry, as any other industry in the world, is constantly seeking one thing: innovation. If we look around us, we can quickly see that surfing is everywhere. It’s in the sea, in rivers, in wave pools and in lakes. Even crazier than that, surfing is becoming part of the 2020 Olympics. To adapt our surfing & our experiences in all these different elements, shapers need to work harder to create new designs that are going to enhance our performance on waves … but have we ever thought of changing our fins instead of focusing only on our boards?  

It’s time to meet AU Fins, a California-based company that decided to become one of the pioneers in the fins industry. Instead of waiting for the next big thing, they decided to bring their own touch of magic to an untouched part of surfing. Their fins aesthetic, gracefully detailed with pieces of gold in the resin, are curved in a specific manner to offer you the best performance in the sea. So, why having curved fins can be better for you? “Curved fins allow you to follow the wave more easily,” one of the cofounders, Brad Pierce, explained. “Regular fins make your board slide like a skateboard, you ride a straight line and it is hard to move from back to behind. With AU Fins, you’re instantly becoming freer within your movements, which makes your surfing way more efficient.”

As Brad and his business partner, Kevin Borba, explained to me, big companies are hesitant in switching their ways of creating fins as it would cost them millions of dollars to change their mold. It is an innovation that cost a lot, yes. However, for AU Fins’ founders, it is worth the try. In their mind, it has always been clear: it doesn’t make sense that waves are curved but that we ride our board on a straight surface. We need to slide on the wave by following its curve and that’s why AU Fins have been created.

“We’ve been trying the fins for the past two years in at least 10 different countries, all in different conditions, and we all agreed that our fins work better because of their shape. We’re sponsoring Namor Cayres at the moment and to be honest, he has been winning a bunch of contests since he has our fins!” explained Kevin Borba.

Entirely created and manufactured in California, we can expect an outstanding quality from AU Fins. So, are curved fins the future of surfing?

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