Canada meets Australia and gives us the future of surfing: Kiana Baker

I used to wonder why I was born in Quebec.
I love it, there is nothing wrong about that place, I love speaking French, and I love being surrounded by buildings that remind us Europe. I love drinking coffee in random places and walking in different cities with a different mindset. I don’t mind being here, but I always asked myself: who would have I become if I was born somewhere else. Somewhere close to the sea. Not that I would have been a pro surfer (I don’t believe I could have done that), but just being used to surf. Having surfing being part of my culture. But I am who I am, and I am writing today, and you may read the blog because of that simple fact: I am French. I am from Quebec, living far from the sea, but writing about surfing.

When I discovered Kiana Baker, I knew she was the future of surfing, but not only that, she was the future of a culture that will grow bigger in our country. When I grew up, surfing wasn’t something that existed in my world, or in any world. Now, surfing is what keeps us pushing ourselves, a reason to work harder towards that dream: hearing the sounds of the waves as a morning alarm. Kiana always woke up to this noise, and we can’t lie: we’re jealous of it. Of everything. Of all her life. Being born and raised by a Canadian mom and an Australian dad, Kiana now lives in Australia with her family (and her incredibly cute little brother), surfing waves and being fearless on a skateboard. She’s everything we always wanted to be, but couldn’t because of our location (and our skills). Being 9 years old, she holds the future in her hands, and she is doing what she loves: surfing. She’s an inspiration to us and is the real meaning of what surfing is, that no matter where you are from or who you are, you can do what you love.
We got a hold of her while she was out of the water and had some time to talk to us. It ends up pretty interesting, and now, we can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

As you grew up, did being a surfer was one of your dreams? 

No, it’s just something I do for fun with my family and friends, I always loved the water, I use to run straight into the ocean as soon as I could walk.

Are you doing something, in particular, to keep in shape for surfing? Are you home-schooled or you are going to school like other kids? 

I swim a lot, I am in a swimming group called squad, and we do laps twice a week, I also love skateboarding, I have a half pipe in my backyard, and this helps me with my surfing manoeuvres. I go to school with all my friends, I like school (most days), I don’t think I would like to stay home to learn, I prefer being around people.

You are Australian and Canadian. People from Quebec are proud of you because you may become the first pro surfers from there, or at least, I believe so. Did you know you were an inspiration to them? 

Really? No, wow! That’s pretty cool to hear! I would love to make them proud! I will do my best!

How's the waves like in Australia right now?

Great, we have lots of waves everywhere you go, Lefts, Rights, reef breaks, point breaks. The Ocean is clean with beautiful tones of blues.

You are also a talented swimmer and skateboarder. What else do you do in your free time? 

I like watching movies, playing Oz Tag in a team, having friends over, hanging out with my family and my dog Max.

Do you have a dream place you want to travel to? 

Mentawai and the Maldives Islands, they look like amazing islands with nice waves, maybe a charter boat trip soon…

For a 9-year-old girl, you are an inspiration to us. Do you have any tips for people that wants to achieve their dreams like you do? 

Thank you! Surfing has always been for fun, the more I did it, the better I became.  So find something you love doing, keep doing it and never stop believing.

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