Women, build your empire!

Credit Photo: Laurent Chantegros

I learned the hard way that your life doesn’t always follow the path you planned it to take. It is a surprising adventure, and a hurtful one, when you see everything you wanted get crushed by the reality of life. When it happens, you have two choices. You can cry and be destroyed forever - or you can tell yourself that you are a badass and have the opportunity to accomplish even better, simply because you can do it. Believing in yourself is the first step, and it is something quite scary to do sometimes, I know. 

As I am a girl, like you, having the same fears and flaws as any other women in the world, I decided to write some rules to keep your life stable and allow you to focus back on what are you want, need and wish. It is important to remind ourselves why we’re truly on Earth and pursue the best of ourselves. 

Build your dream life, or your empire, as I would say! 

You are your destiny. You are the change. 

You are entirely yours!

Oh, you deserve the best. Never forget that.
Here are my top 10 rules I read every morning to remind myself how free I am, and how powerful I could become. 

1. Don’t waste your love on shitty people.
I admit, it is pretty easy to fall in love with people, as friends or lovers, for the wrong reason. And, they may not even bring you any good! Don’t waste your time trying to be loved by them - be polite, but slowly leave out the room and show love to the people that really matters. The love should be the same; don’t let other takes you for granted. You’re beautiful and deserve the whole universe. Understand? 

2. Stop eating crap for god sake, your body isn’t a rubbish!
What are you doing, McDonald again? Frozen food? Processed food? Toxic meats? Are you really living with the thought that your body doesn’t deserve anything better than that? Don’t you forget something my dear - cancer is everywhere and your body is the one ruling your life - without it, you are NOTHING. Treat it with respect and give it the best fuel you find out there. It is a piece of art and eating well will give you a boost of energy, I promise. 

This kind of food is exactly what we need! Captured by @trishayson at Nalu Bowls

This kind of food is exactly what we need! Captured by @trishayson at Nalu Bowls

3. Once a week, disconnected yourself from the world to discover the wild.
Yes, let’s all scream together, “we hate the internet”! Feels good, right? Okay, I admit, we don’t actually hate it, but it feels good to take some distance of it. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Emails…. STOP! Put yourself on airplane mode & go out enjoy the most beautiful thing we have - nature. Go swim in a lake, lay under the sun for hours with a good book, go for a surf or enjoy a hike with your mates without having to capture the moment: being in the present is way more important. 

4. Take 30 minutes a day and work out - build your confidence!
No one will do it for you, and we don't have the luxury to have a personal coach (sadly). It may not seem easy at the beginning, but after getting used to it, it will clean your mindset and help you be happier. You deserve the right to feel strong and healthy. It can be anything, from biking to surfing, or even just running!

5. Let go of everything that brings you down - yes, I said, EVERYTHING.
I once read that sadness technically only last 30 minutes, the rest are only self inducted suffering. Terrible, I know! Why would we force ourselves to be sad and feel empty? Because it’s easy, easier than going out there and say “I’m over it, I feel great”. Write everything that makes you sad, allow yourself to cry a whole day only for it, and then, turn the page. If someone or something isn’t in your life anymore, it is for a reason - something better is hiding around the corner, as cheesy as it sounds. So, please, trust destiny. 

6. Stop looking for love; it is DEFINITELY not on Tinder. 
Yes, I am so over tired of the fast-loving, the one night stand and all these craps people invented to avoid their loneliness. That’s what Tinder is, right? You will always feel lonely if you constantly fill up your life with people that aren’t there to stay. Close your tinder account or any other internet controlled apps & go out enjoy life. Love will find your way eventually, but it should definitely not be because of your picture half-naked at the pool. You’re better than that, your body is a masterpiece, have some respect for it and people will respect you. 

Nothing better than relaxing at sea! The beautiful (and inspiring) Roca Moon, shot by Rubias Collective

Nothing better than relaxing at sea! The beautiful (and inspiring) Roca Moon, shot by Rubias Collective

7. Embrace your mind - fulfill your soul with creativity and passion.
One of my favourite things in life so far is to be passionate about something that requires your entire soul. You are here for a reason, and even though not everyone is good at being “an artist”, you don’t need to be. Even if what you do isn’t that great, do it for yourself. Write that poem, send that love letter, finish this drawing and paint this landscape. Be creative, it will allow you to escape into your imagination and make you realize you can do anything. 

8. Travel more, Think less.
It is easy to say, harder to do, but it will light up your entire life in one minute. You think you know who you are, but we never know until we face harder situations in an unknown country. Take the chance to explore around and keep your mind open, you will learn a lot from people on the road and their motivation. Don’t think about what others want for you, but focus on what YOU want. It is your life, and if you want to travel the whole world before starting a real life with kids, why not? No one ever regretted travelling.

9. Erase the word “failure” from your vocabulary.
Failure is one of the world greatest lie - it doesn’t exist. Failure is never a mistake - it is a learning experience. You can fail once, but you can’t fail forever. If you want something, go out and get it. If it doesn’t work, why don’t you try again? You have nothing to lose. You are here, breathing and driven by a passion no one has seen before - use it. Just keep your head up and keep trying, it would be worth it at the end. 

10. You’re a babe - punch the person that isn’t sharing the same opinion.
You are gorgeous, a piece of art in itself. You are different from every other person in the world & your mind is beautiful - don’t let other people say something different. Believe in yourself & more especially, believe in your dreams. This is your life and you should not waste any seconds of it, so follow your ideas, reminds yourself how lucky you are to be alive and learn to love yourself, with your weird laugh & your curves. You can have the whole world in your hands - go get it, and do NOT waste your time. You deserve the best, and no one can say less than that.