Brixton x Nova Scotia - New sponsors

Credit: @tlhphotography

I discovered Logan Landry in a surf edits with a background music of Cœur de Pirate. French song, for those who aren’t aware. I was quite shocked and quite surprised, which brings curiosity to my attention. Being a surfer from Nova Scotia, CANADA means living the dream – drinking a cup of coffee from Tim Hortons between a surf session with a chocolate honey donuts. Who said that being a pro surfer means being healthy?

Of course we’re kidding. Or just a little.
Anyway, we recently did an interview with Logan Landry about his cold water passion and how being a pro surfer from Canada is such a weird thing: you can read it here.
But, then, last week, he messaged us and let us know that he isn’t sponsored by O’Neill anymore, but, be ready for it… Brixton now!
Congrats Logan! Brixton is a United States brand that offers high quality products to people so they can have the best quality ever. They already sponsor a bunch of well known surfers/skateboarders as Brad Cromer, Taylor Bingaman, Jake Reuter, Troy Elmore and Oliver Kurtz. And more.

We already can’t wait to see some cold water stuff in collaboration with Brixton.