Before now 012

There is something almost magical about going to swim in the sea.

Being in harmony with nature is quite an extraordinary experience, especially when the respect is mutual. It's like the ocean was telling you to give it some love, and they won't crush you under their weight.

There was a weird saying in Hawaiian about sharks, saying that if you don't eat the sharks and respect them, they will do the same. They won't think of you as food, but as someone that was invited into their home. Luckily for us, some are able to capture the beauty and rawness of the sea, allowing us to constantly remind ourselves how small we are in this too big world.

That's the case of Jeremy, and it's not only about the ocean, but something that Earth gave us and need to be protected. Need to be loved. No matter who we are, we're only a tiny piece of Earth, almost invisible. Don't take it for granted, take care of it.