2017 Australian Open of Surfing

Since I was a kid, I always liked to watch contests on television, from surfing to snowboarding to skateboarding. I was hooked on the screen—couldn’t move for days. I was dreaming of being there, in the stadium, watching the pros trying to win their contest. Call it an obsession or an illogical passion, but these sports were always on my mind. So, of course, the first thing I did once I arrived in Manly was to check if there was any surf or skateboarding contests coming in the area soon. Lucky enough, I found out that the Australian Open of Surfing was coming at the end of February this year and I decided that I had to be there. I’ve looked through the website of the event to finally find what I was looking for: the media section. I wanted to combine both of my biggest passions, extreme sports and photography, and I knew it was the perfect time to do it. You must imagine my stress and my excitement while applying for a media pass!

I’ve waited two weeks. Two weeks of anxiety, expecting a negative answer. Funny how life works though, my wish was realized and I received the pass for the media! Being able to take the photos of such talented surfers and skateboarders under the Manly sun was simply insane, an experience we can recall as unforgettable.

*We may not be surf news related, but talking about the Australian Open of Surfing requires that we say congratulations to the winners, Jesse Mendez and Malia Manuel, that truly deserved their win! Already can’t wait to the next event.