AU FINS - Curved fins to enhance your surfing

The innovation in the surfing world is something we constantly seek lately. If we look around us, surfing is everywhere: in the ocean, in rivers and even in wave pools. Then, we’re also getting ready to see surfing in the 2020 Olympics. While trying to find ourselves in that new era, shapers persistently try to evolve the designs of their surfboards to enhance our performances on waves, but have we ever thought of changing our fins instead? 

Probably not, as we never had the opportunity to try something new! We always used the same fins (almost) as it was something logical and changeless. But now, it is different: we have the choice!

AU FINS becomes your new best friend.
A California company decided to become the pioneer in the fins industry. Instead of constantly waiting for something new, they decided to bring their own touch of magic to an untouched part of surfing. The fin’s aesthetic, gracefully detailed with pieces of gold in the resin, are now curved in a specific way to offer you the best performance possible. But, you will ask me, what does it change? EVERYTHING.
“It allows you to follow the wave more easily”, one of the cofounders, Brad Pierce, told me. “Regular fins make your board slide like a skateboard, you ride a straight line and it is hard to move from back to behind. With AU Fins, you can become more free and be more efficient”.

Big companies are scared to innovate since it would cost them million of dollars to change the mould. It is an innovation that cost a lot, however, for AU Fins founders, Brad Pierce and Kevin Borba, it is worth the try! For them, it was clear - this is not logic that the wave is curved, but that we always ride our board on a straight surface - we need to slide on the wave by following the curve and that’s what their fins allow us to do. 

“It has been already two years that we tried them in almost 10 different countries, all involving different conditions. We tried them in small waves, big-waves, barrels, everything! It works better to surf and even our sponsor of the moment, Namor Cayres, can’t stop winning contests since he has our fins!”, explain Kevin Borba. 

Entirely created and manufactured in California, we can expect an outstanding quality and a surprising innovation. Still not on sale at the moment, they will release the date through their Instagram page and as it is going to be a really limited first sale (about 100 sets) you should keep your eyes open and constantly refresh your Insta feed!

Ready for the evolution?
Cause we just can’t wait! 

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