The art of travelling and forgetting everything else

I always thought that being a traveller was something exciting and challenging.

Discovering new places with your backpack and your foreign language as a best friend, walking around without knowing where you are going to spend the night and treating strangers with a love so deep, like they were family. You seek the unknown and you are in search of something deeper than yourself - you’re trying to understand the meaning of life.

You are opening your eyes to a world that is broken and unfinished, a world that is way too hurt to recover. You want to help and change the world, but how can we change a story that has never changed? It’s not like we haven’t tried, but bombs keep falling and people’s life still gets shredded to tears. 

But, that’s what travelling is - a deep faith that the world can become a better place & love can heal people’s wound. It is going out there with the idea that we can change something, or at least, change someone’s life. We’re trying to push ourselves to the extreme limit, we want to feel frightened and we want to get out of our comfort zone, we want to walk in someone else’s skin. We want to learn how to be alone and we don’t mind watching the sunrise at the top of a mountain all by ourselves. We are part of the new generation, the one that doesn’t necessarily need a fancy car or a plump bank account - we don’t want money to own us, we want to be free. 

That’s when the travels come out of hands - we’re the pure definition of freedom, the free spirit that travel and keep sharing the stoke about life. About the little things. Then, we slowly stop enjoying being at home.

Where is home anyway?

Home become every place where we left a piece of our heart at. Every house we got welcomed in, every person we got to meet, every sunrise we got to watch and every wave we got to surf. Home is now the whole world and we can’t stand being at “home” anymore - we are the insatiable, constantly wishing to be somewhere else. 

We used to be the one that knew how to be in the present, enjoying the details of the smallest moments, but now, all we want is to jump on a plane for a new adventure. Are we trying to run away from something or are we still trying to figure out what it means to be fully alive? After all these years, I started wondering, is it normal to be so scared about commitment? 

Road trips are always a good idea. Credit Photo: Fabien Voileau

Road trips are always a good idea. Credit Photo: Fabien Voileau

Commitment in everything. Love, city, country, work, passion. Everything we do is a process for something else, but what happened to our rule “let’s be in the now”. Did we forget that already? All we keep thinking about is the next time we are going to get out of here. It is so wrong, and probably the saddest thing I recently realized - we all do it. 

But we need to stop. 

We need to accept where we are at that exact moment and make the best out of it. Yes, we will travel more, because obviously when you start, you are hooked on it and it becomes your entire life, but we also need to create ourselves a place that we don’t try to run away from. We need to allow ourselves to be independent people, strong and passionate about the world, but we also need to remind ourselves that being sedentary isn’t the end of the world - we still can find happiness by doing so.

Our generation is awesome for a bunch of reasons, but we need to stop having commitment issues. 

Enjoy the now.

Accept the love you think you deserve, be grateful for what you have and where you are, appreciate your past adventures & be excited for your upcoming ones, but don’t forget to be happy here, right now. We cannot hide behind a passport forever. Discover your passion and makes it become your life, but don’t fear - enjoy the ride. And then, the world suddenly seems bigger. 

Welcome home.

Finally, you’re here! 


Credit Photo Cover Picture : Ursel Barwinski