A new surf app could save your life

Cover Photo: Chris Duczynski

We often take the ocean and our skills for granted while we are at sea. We are not thinking about what could happen, about the risks the sport brings us. People will often compare it with snowboarding, and we always end up saying it’s less dangerous, that if you fall, it doesn’t hurt as much. Does it really hurt less though? 
From reef cuts, animal bites, stingray, jellyfish, mixed cuts and other things that can happen, it seems way more risky than just falling on the snow. There are more risks that we are not aware of because we don’t see them. They are out there, at the bottom of the sea. Hidden.

I am not a doctor of any kind and except my first aid class I did when I was 14 years old, I don’t know much about saving someone from death. This is a situation you don’t want to find yourselves in, but life is unpredictable and sometimes, we can’t avoid it. It sucks, but it happens. Have you ever thought of it? I never did. But right now, while I am thinking of what would be my reaction to that kind of situation, I just don’t know what I would do. Probably freak out, cry a bit, and call someone to help me. The issue is also that as surfers, we love empty lineups and secret spots, where there is no one to be seen. Who can you call if you don’t have a single soul on the beach and no phone connection?

When I discovered the new app SURF FIRST AID, I was totally pleased. The presence of technology in our life is now a daily need, something we can’t live without, and even when you are going for a surf session, your cell phone is never too far away. The idea of creating an app that will offer you all the information you need in case of trouble is simply necessary, especially when it’s offered without needing an internet connection. For as cheap as $3.49, it may allow you to save your best friend or a stranger, which you were maybe not able to do before. The app also offers you to take some quizzes to help you remember all the things you need to be aware of and they guide you through a complete list of emergency numbers, no matter where you are in the world. It may seem like an insignificant iPhone application for you at the moment, and maybe it will take extra space in your phone for nothing, but it can also be the opposite. Why take the risk? The ocean is unpredictable and it’s good to know that if something happens, we are not stuck in the middle of a jungle miles away from the city, alone. Being well-prepared is also one of the first things that a good surf trip involves. Why don’t you go ahead and try it?