Week in review

Ian Walsh at Jaws. By Brent 

If I assume you are like me, there’s a slightly small chance that you don’t have the time to follow up anything that is happening 24/7 in the surfing world. I mean, between your 9-5 job, endless hours studying aka scrolling through Instagram & your daily dose of social life on weekends, which involves sleeping in, I am sure you don’t sit on your computer, watching all these surf edits everyone are talking about either knowing what’s up in the surfing industry. 

You rather go out and chase waves whenever you can instead of sitting at your desk one more time, and oh mate, I totally agree with you!
But the issue is, I don’t have waves where I am at the moment, only shitty rivers that doesn’t offer anything much except being polluted. So, I am the one doing the annoying job for you and offering you everything all at one place - videos you need to watch, news you need to know. 

Read it, watch it, then look smart and informed because of me.
It’s okay, you can thank me later. 

Have you ever heard someone say that surfing was a piece of art itself? And you never understood what they meant by that, right? Well, it’s your chance. Armed by a Phantom 4k camera, Chris Bryan transport us into a 9 minutes of beautiful surfing captures, one thousand frames per second. The right amount of time to transport you into the moment by the side of some of the greatest surfers, such Koa Rothman, Luke Davis, Craig Anderson, Albee Layer, Jeremy Flores, etc. A piece of art, exactly like we like it. 


If you’re subscribed to Surfing Magazine, like most of us, you’ve probably been amazed by the latest cover shot Balaram Stack, the talented New Yorker, got. He was in shock as well when he discovered it, but dreams are always becoming reality because of hard work. Watch 25 Savage to understand why he is the one that got the cover, and not anyone else. 

Dreaming of big-wave surfing is one thing, but actually having the guts to go out and do it is another thing. We’ll be able to stop wondering how does it feel to ride big-waves with the new film of Ian Walsh, Distance Between Dreams. Years in the making, but consisting mainly of the most historic winters grace of El Niño, his fans are now able to see through his eyes and see the whole mind and physical process behind riding big waves. This isn’t for any amateur, let me tell you, but getting psyched by simply watching it will offer us the opportunity to feel with him, and other surfers that has a big role in the film such his brothers and other surfers like Shane Dorian, Greg Long, John Florence and few others. Excited? We are! World Premiere is going to be in Maui on November 26th. 

There’s a bunch of surf magazines out there, skateboarding as well, and even other artsy mag that we’re definitely interested in. Then, there is Monster Children, one of the raddest in our opinion. Maybe we’re saying that cause the next guest editor is going to be Stephanie Gilmore, the 6 x surf world champion, or maybe not, but we’re quite stoked to see it come to life. Not able to get the issue physically in our hands because we live in Canada, and the shipping is crazy expensive (whhhhy?), but we’re excited for all of you that aren't in Canada and able to order it. Plus, they are going to release a full-length film with her this week, keep your eyes open! 

Are you in a phase of your life right now that the only thing you can think about is your next vacation, which involve getting off the grid for a while? Us too. Of course, it is quite hard to do in Indonesia when you’re chasing waves as everyone else, but the idea is still pretty tempting, I know. Wait until you watch the new edit of Benjamin Sanchis - just enough to convince you! Dreamy Mentawai, dreamy waves, dreamy skills. 


For those of you that are into surf contests, but didn’t have the chance to really follow up, the Cascais Women’s Pro and Billabong Pro Cascais are now live. We’re not too keen to write about it as WSL does it pretty good, so why don’t you go watch/read it like we do on the website and get stoked on it?

Did we forget something? 
Let us know!