7 Reasons to Visit the Middle East

For a first-time visitor, the Middle East’s diversity might be the attractive feature…

Of course, you can expect to find some of the greatest desert scenery in the world, but don’t let the desert heat fool you.

Among the Middle East, you can also find snow-capped peaks, hip cities, world-class diving, and lush valleys.

The Middle East boasts some of the most famous temples, pyramids, and Biblical landmarks making it one of the most diverse vacation destinations in the world.

As if the scenery itself is not enough to want to travel to parts of the Middle East such as Egypt, Turkey, or Israel, the activities that you can experience during your journey are sure to capture your attention:

Selma Plateau, Oman. Credit 

1. Visit haunted caves
Often referred to as Majilis Al Jinn, which means the “meeting place of spirits,” this attraction is not for the faint of heart…
In the remote region of Selma Plateau in Oman, guests can often hear noises coming from the famed cave.
But the haunted caves are just one of the several pieces of history that await you during your journey to the Middle East…

2. Indulge in the exquisite cuisine
If you are a foodie, like me, then the exquisite cuisine boasted by the Middle East is what will draws you in the most…

You will have the opportunity to be welcomed into the land of hummus, dates, turmeric, cumin, and pita. Take a look to the various markets where you will find steam rising from pots as locals cook delicious street food and you can marvel at the speed of the experienced hands.

3. Visit the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar
Opened in 2010, this famed museum is said to be the last building that renowned architect I.M. Pei worked on.

If you have set out to experience some of the most breathtaking art exhibits, the Museum of Islamic Art in the Middle East should be top on your list as it is home to one of the largest collections of Islamic art in the world.

Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), Qatar. Credit

4. Buy gold bars from an ATM in Abu Dhabi
Of course, you have probably gotten a $20 bill or even a $100 bill out of an ATM before…
But, have you ever had an ATM dispense a bar of pure gold? Nothing says luxury quite like this:
In Abu Dhabi’s fanciest hotel, the Emirates Palace Hotel sits an ATM… But it is no ordinary ATM.
This ATM offers customers 320 options—ranging from gold bars to customized coins.
Who knows? This pricey souvenir might turn into quite the investment.

5. Tear up the dunes
You’ve probably seen it in a few movies…

There is nothing quite like hopping in a four-wheel drive, turning up the music, and driving haphazardly up and down the sand hills to feel the rush of a stuntman.

Bashing the dunes is most popular in border cities such as Al-Khararah, but you can find a good spot just about anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

This is the perfect Middle Eastern activity for anybody looking for a thrill!

6. Experience the history of several religions all over the Middle East
The Middle East dates far back to some of the earliest days of human civilization, offering travelers the opportunity to walk among the ancient world and get in touch with ancestors from centuries ago.
From Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) to the very little bit of ancient Babylon that still exists…

The Pyramids, Egypt. Credit

7. Try to solve the mysteries of Egypt at the pyramids
The lives of Ancient Egyptians can’t help but fuel curiosity and fascination among anyone interested in the history of the Middle East…

The Ancient Egyptians planned such intricate afterlives and their burial structures are of incredible magnitude…

From the history surrounding King Tut to Hatshepsut, there are plenty of ancient mysteries that await.

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