5 photos that will instantly make you want to go on an adventure

Midweek crises exist and they happen when all you’re thinking about is booking a flight ticket to an unknown destination without a return date. It happens to everyone, even us. What we tend to forget though is that our backyard has plenty of adventures waiting for us too; we just need to go out & find them.

Every Wednesday, read our Wandering Diary to fall in love with new places you probably forgot about. The photos, curated via our hashtag #WanderingDiary, may make you want to leave for a tropical destination or may motivate you to pack your bag and head to the mountains. No matter what you end up doing, don’t forget that life by the sea is maybe all we can think about, but the Earth has a lot of beautiful things to offer. The secret? Seek the beauty in unexpected places.

Höllviken, Sweden

Always with her acolyte, Julian Schindler, this picture of Elin Fröderbeg is enough to convince us to buy a hammock and hide in the forest for the rest of our life. Shot in Hôllviken, a popular summer vacation spot for people that want beaches and access to the sea (Öresund and The Baltic Sea), we can definitely say that these two enjoyed their summer with perfection. Oh, Sweden!

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When there are no waves to be seen, all you have to do is grab your skateboard and keep pushing. This shot named “Metamorphosis,” remind us the joy of the little things: Luca Werner captured with perfection a simple moment that became instantly timeless.

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British Columbia, Canada

This photo of Noelle Jones in the Pacific Northwest make us crave long hiking trails & warm weather to discover hidden waterfalls. Captured by Arianne Jones, her road trip friend, this photo highlight summers in Vancouver and all we can say is that we can’t wait already for the sun to be back. 

Bordeaux, France

Adam always captures moments that make us dream of good waves or adventures and this shot is no exception. Who would trade their current life for a sunset by the sea in Bordeaux (including wine & cheese)? We would! 


The conditions may not always be right for surfing but the sea always has something beautiful that need to be captured. This photo showcase the power of the sea in a dark and beautiful manner, making us want to be there to witness it too. We're obsessed with Michael Conlon’s photo, one more time.

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